Pence unwilling to take a photo with Edi Rama


The only man missing from a ‘family photo’ during the US initiated NATO convention in Montenegro was Albania’s PM Edi Rama.

According to Albanian media, the US VP was unwilling to take a photo with Rama due to the disrespectful way in which he was dressed.

Apparently, Pence is no fan of white adidas sneakers and a hallucinogenic tie.

One can only imagine how the whole discussion went down when someone told Rama “you can’t be in the photo”.

But what is most disturbing to Albanian media is Pence’s failure to mention Albania as the most important and strategic country in the Balkans. In fact, Tirana based Shekulli says Pence did not mentioned Albania once during his speech.

  • V.M.

    Rama is a junkie… so Pence wasn’t too pleased to be in the same photo with him.

  • Albobalboa

    I can let sneakers with suit slide, but he should be jailed for that tie.