People dump garbage in front of Struga Town hall to protest fires


The large, unregulated dump site in the city of Struga is on fire again, polluting the air in the lake Ohrid resort town. In response, angry citizens dumped waste in front of the town hall, to protest the poor handling on the city on the part of city authorities.

“We spent hundreds of thousands EUR to put out the fire and to cover up the dump site, but it is not closed yet. City authorities are now pouring new waste at the site. At our last protest we said that we will return some of it to the town hall”, said Gligorie Katoski from a civic organization which protested the environmental disaster that befall Struga. He announced that if the situation is not fixed immediately, protesters will close the Kafasan border crossing with Albania.

Protesters believe that the dump site was set on fire deliberately. Katoski says that there is no permanent maintenance of the site or work to minimize damage.