Pizza delivery guy with DUI connections placed as Director of Macedonia’s State Lottery


The president of the Alliance for Albanians, Zijadin Sela, accused DUI of bribing independent media, and financing multiple news portals with taxpayers money.

Sela said that a DUI activist with zero education who delivered pizzas to DUI MPs in Parliament has been appointed director of the state lottery and with taxpayers money is financing news portals in the service of the party (DUI), reported

The other attempts of this party that we see from the side are also disturbing, which all the time tries and buys media through the money of the citizens, through people who until few days ago delivered pizza to DUI MPs, and today are deputy directors as in the state lottery of Macedonia and you see many portals that are oriented in attacking the opposition, while doing PR for DUI. You will find these answers in the media in question that are in the service of the regime 24 hours a day, the party (DUI) that suppressed freedom of speech, and which continues to suppress it even more today, said Sela.

Села: Пица доставувач од ДУИ стана директор на Државна лотарија и финансира партиски портали