Police covers up another shooting, this time the brother of Bitola’s mayor


Mihajlo S., the brother of Bitola mayor Natasha Petrovska (shown below) was shot last night, reports local media.

According to the police, Mihajlo and another individual named Sasho, were coming back from a hunting trip when the incident occurred. “During a stop, both individuals exited the vehicle, Sasho left his gun by the vehicle and moved away from it to the woods nearby. Sasho then heard a shot and found Mihajlo fallen next to the vehicle” This is what is written in the police report.

According to locals in Bitola who knew both Sasho and Mihajlo, the reality is much different. “Guns don’t fire by themselves, especially ones left by the car as the police say. There was a physical altercation and Sasho shot Mihajlo, the two have a history of altercations.

Mihajlo was taken to a Bitola hospital where doctors performer surgery to remove the bullet.

Meanwhile, Skopje police has refused to issue a warrant for the individual who killed Martin Janushev with reports now saying that the killer has been seen walking around without fear of being arrested.