Two persons, involved in the attack of MP Z.S. during the 27 April events in Macedonia’s Parliament have been identified thus far, the Public Prosecutor’s Office (OJO) – Skopje said late Wednesday in a press release.

‘According to evidence collected thus far, the Public Prosecutor’s Office – Skopje has concluded that there is a reasonable suspicion that these two, along with other persons, not yet identified, committed ‘murder’ under the Article 123, paragraph 1; Article 22 and 19 of the Criminal Code. The authorized Public Prosecutor issued an order for launching a probe against these two persons for the above mentioned crime,’ OJO Skopje said in a press release. OJO also filed a motion for detention of the suspects.

Earlier today the Ministry of Interior said K.G. (39) and his father C.G. (68) have been apprehended under a suspicion of attacking MP Zijadin Sela during the 27 April incidents in Macedonia’s Parliament.

Zijadin Sela had previously stated he doesn’t recognize Macedonia as his country, the name, flag and anthem must be changed including the introduction of a separate Parliament for ethnic albanians.

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    A ‘GO FUND ME PAGE’ needs to be setup to help these freedom fighters