Police guards the homes of treasonous Macedonian MPs


Hundreds of armed police officers were placed in front of the homes of MPs from SDSM who voted yesterday for the unconstitutional law on bilingualism, according to information from the field.

Police presence has been further strengthened since last night, and police are providing protection for the headquarters of SDSM in Skopje as well as the headquarters of the party through the cities tonight.

Media tried to contact the MoI spokesman, Toni Angelovski, but he refused telephone calls all night.

At the same time, lawmaker Ferid Muhic said that together with other treasonous colleagues from SDSM have agreed to hide home today and avoid any interaction with the public.

– We agreed to sit at home with colleagues. I will not ask for protection, it is too dramatic for me to talk and talk about this. Worst is that there may be serious elements that need to be considered. I had no protection last night, but we agreed not to move very much in public, so we do not irritate anyone, Muhic said.

The Macedonian public is furious with the Government’s complete and continuous disregard for all laws in the country and are asking for their heads. Thousands of angry messages have been sent across the social networks by citizens who are constantly expressing their dissatisfaction with the illegal law and the illegal fashion in which this law was passed.

SDSM MP from Vinica gets car torched

Last night there was a minor incident when someone burned the car of a SDSM traitor from Vinica who voted for the law, and at the same time, the Interior Ministry informs that there were several attacks from dissatisfied citizens on party officials.

According to security experts, such a tense atmosphere, which is raised with a reinforced police presence, is also a way to defocus the public from the criminal way in which the law was passed, and the harmful nature of the law itself.

  • Its Just Me

    If 2 mio people are against SDS, nobody can protect SDS…
    and of course EU WILL NOT PROTECT THEMhttp://zase.mk/articles/357647/francuskiot-ambasador-timonie-preporakata-za-chlenstvo-vo-eu-visi-poradi-nachinot-na-koj-e-donesen-zakonot-za-jazicite I think the time is UP FOR SDS TO LEAVE MACEDONIA AND GO TO SOLUN for brainswashing in Aegean sea

  • Its Just Me

    A clear conscience lets you sleep at night..
    A police protection and fear.. SDS suffers from guilty conscience..
    The police does nor protect against guilty conscience.. (unless maybe you vote on this in the parliament) hahaha

  • Goran Stavreski

    This should have been going on since three years ago…

  • Its Just Me

    nobody can protect them
    nobody wants to protect them
    nobody wants them
    nobody.. is what they are, just a simple plain vanilla… ZERO :))))))))))

  • LXV

    The rabbit hunting season is open. Death to the traitors!

    Don’t torch their cars, it’s totally useless because the treasonous bastards have them all insured and get a full compensation. Instead, go for their houses so they get a feeling of what it feels like to be a “persona non grata” in your own country and hopefully learn a lesson about actions and consequences…

  • Legenda Patriot

    These arrogant criminals may have sensed they are not popular in a country that they have no right to be in, let alone occupy any position Govt. Let’s start the clean out now. The message might start to hit home once a few of them start getting concrete boots. They should start scattering like cockroaches!

  • Its Just Me

    Why…. Why does the police guard their homes..
    the home has nothing to do with it..
    If their lives are in danger.. and they really really want to protect them.. the easiest way would be to put them in a place where they can watch over them, all at once..
    But I am not a policeman, simply an economist, wanting to lower costs

  • R_U_Jhoking

    Franz Ferdinand

  • Its Just Me

    to be fair, if the police acted as SDS did in the parliament… Then the
    police should just leave and let the Albanians protect SDS..
    hahaha of course it wont happen, but SDS deserve to be treated as “fair & professional” as they work 🙂