Police ordered to leave after locating SDSM Coalition Partner stealing Electricity for Crypto mining operation


A vast crypto mining operation was discovered at GTC basement in downtown Skopje this evening. The owner is Elvis Bajram who was stealing electricity via an illegal connection to power his crypto mining operation. Elvis, the son of Amdi Bajram is a coalition partner of SDSM & DUI.

Once it was discovered the crypto mining operation belonged to him, police were ordered to simply retrieve. Judging by the amount of graphic cards and bitcoing miners in the basement, Elvis Bajram had damaged the electric provider EVN by at least 5-7,000 euros/month. Witness claim the crypto mining operation has been ongoing at that location for at least 4 years, which means the damages EVN have taken by SDSM’s coalition partner are roughly 320,000 EUR.

Eyewitnesses in Skopje say there were many police vehicles on site, however all immediately left the site after the owner was revealed. For comparisons, if it was someone not involved with the SDSM, for this sort of operation you’d have gotten at least 3 years prison sentence. But if you’re connected with the bandits in Government, the police will simply leave you alone and ignore the entire operation.