Polish Embassy donates €8500 to keep kids warm – Govt junta spent €1.5m on Vaseline


The “Bambi” kindergarten in Caska district (Veles municipality) has received new central heating system based on pellets. Donated by the Polish Embassy, ​​this will improve the living conditions of the children in the kindergarten, who up until now had heating on and off, provided by small electrical heaters.

We want to support small municipalities, small communities, not just Skopje. We want to develop small cities, not just big ones. I am glad that we have improved the living conditions in the kindergarten and the children will be happy, “said Ambassador Vojciech Tichinski.

The donation is worth 8,500 euros. In addition to the kindergarten premises, the new system also houses the hall of the Municipality of Caska, the regional office of the Cadastre, the Center for Social Work and the Home Office. The capacity of the kindergarten in Caska is 50 children, and is currently attended by 21 preschool children.

Recently, the Polish Embassy furnished the “Kokice Kindergarten” in Gradsko (Veles municipality). School and educational materials, school supplies, chairs and tables for children were purchased, as well as a smart TV, an investment of 5,500 euros.

To compare, the Macedonian Government junta has spent 0 euros and provided nothing to these two municipalities, claiming it had no funds to cover the “projects”, yet it was able to find 1.5m euros to purchase Vaseline lube in support of the non existent LGBT community in Macedonia. It was also able to find 700,000 euros for coffee supplies for the Government HQ.