Popular US Congressman’s Wife Dies Suddenly – Raises Suspicions due to Recent Interviews


Thomas Massie posted the news on X, formerly known as Twitter, Friday morning, calling his wife, Rhonda Massie, his “high school sweetheart … the smartest kindest woman I ever knew, my beautiful and wise queen forever.”

The Massies were married for over 30 years.

Thomas Massie, who represents Kentucky’s 4th Congressional District, also highlighted Rhonda Massie’s achievements, including being named valedictorian in high school and earning a mechanical engineering degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Massie’s death of his wife wouldn’t be suspicious if not for the the flurry of activities and interviews the congressman gave which shocked the US public – In an interview with Tucker Carlson, Massie stated that Israel’s lobby has every single US Senator in their pocket, so much so, each US Senator has an Israeli handler/baby sitter to whom they report to and can’t do anything prior to vetting their ideas and votes with them. This is quite astonishing, to say the least.

Next came the Massie’s call to abolish and audit the Federal Reserve which is neither Federal, nor a Reserve. The private US Bank controlled out of London prints US Dollars out of thin air and then lends it to the US Government and public at an interest, netting its owners hundreds of billions annually in profits. Not a bad business idea.

For those with good memory, there was another US Senator who dared to ask for an audit of the Federal Reserve. It was Senator Rand Paul. Recall what happened to him? Days later after he asked for an audit, someone tried to kill him.