Prediction: Expect a major ‘win’ for the SDS


Here is a quick prediction. Although the votes are yet to be counted in most cities across Macedonia, thanks to the huge electoral fraud and the behavior we observed over the past few days while speaking to the Daycare Party (DPMNE) we predict a huge ‘win’ for the SDS.

This prediction is very simple considering the massive electoral fraud in Strumica, Bitola, Skopje, Prilep, and virtually every city across Macedonia.

Dozens of buses were filmed in Strumica and Kichevo packed with citizens from Kosovo. MINA contacted the daycare party for a comment and whether they plan on disputing the results? The DPMNE genuinely does not wish to be in power… had little to no comment on the massive electoral fraud.

In Skopje, at numerous locations the SDS conducted “Bulgarian train” by issuing multiple voting ballots per voter. The police at most polling places looked the other way, while it arrested two people at one polling place to make it look they are preventing electoral fraud. Look the other way at 100 places, but prevent fraud at 1 place. It’s a good tactic.

In Bitola heating wood was supplied to over 100 homes. Not to mention bribing voters with cash across the country.

If one is curious how is the SDS getting thousands of votes at municipalities where their candidates couldn’t get 20 people to show up at their campaign rallies…. it’s called electoral fraud.

To sum, the daycare party DPMNE is ok with electoral fraud. It does not want any sort of authority and responsibility when the name change occurs in addition to the upcoming islamification of the country.

Expect a major win for the SDS, and yes, this would be a good time to acquire a foreign passport.

  • Goran Stavreski

    And the SEC has printed voting ballots with SDS candidates already circled? WTF is that, who does that? And the SEC is run by SDS. So those ballots were put into regions where DPMNE supporters were concentrated, and if they try to circle their candidate, then there are two candidates that are circled and their ballots become “invalid”. The counting barely started and there were 20,000 invalid ballots already!?
    Baily is very clever.

  • LXV

    “If voting changed anything, it would be made illegal”. – Emma Goldman