President of SDSM-Negotino puts himself down as ‘Albanian’ so he can get a job


The president of the municipal organization of SDSM – Negotino, Jane Trajkov registered that he is of Albanian ethnicity so he can be employed in the Inspectorate for Agriculture.

The Inspectorate itself has listed that the primary requirement for the dozen or so jobs is ‘being Albanian’. This even in cities such as Negotino where there are zero Albanians.

All of the hired individuals by the Inspectorate of Agriculture are SDSM officials in Negotino at various positions in the party. Another thing they all have in common is they have listed themselves as “Albanian” so they qualify for the jobs.

Jane Trajkov, SDSM – Negotino

Tome Delev is the one SDSM official in Negotino who felt like mixing it up a bit, and put himself down as a Turk.