Prime Minister Baily not allowing protests against US Army presence


Macedonian police did not arrest a single individual during a year long manufactured protests in which dozens of monuments were damaged, the presidential office was set on fire, and dozens of policemen were the recepient of flying bricks.

Fast forward to last night, several members from “Levica” protested the presence of the US Army and held banners “No to War Profiteers”.

First the activists were kicked out from the Skopje square, but then police pursued them all the way to top of the GTC shopping mall where the activists placed their banners and arrested four individuals.

Macedonian Prime Minister Baily has no plans to let anyone protest the presence of the US Army in Macedonia. It is not clear why the US army parked armored vehicles in downtown Skopje? Allegedly the goal was to showcase the might of the US and NATO, according to waffle house waitress Radmila Sekerinska.

  • Its Just Me

    Good old turkish times.. This is just like in turkish times, when people did not have freedom of speech, tactics of scaring people – guess what, that HAS NEVER STOPPED US 🙂 We liberated ourselves, MACEDONIA EXISTS WAY LONGER THAN THE USA and this wont stop us either.
    I would buy 1.000 books on Alexander the Great and throw them in the protest, maybe they learn some history.