Reeker ordered Dimitrov to make illegal SPO ‘permanent’


US acting Assistant State Secretary Philip Reeker and the man behind Macedonia’s name change operation, told Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov that the Special Prosecutor’s Office must be rolled into the public state prosecutor’s service. Talks between the ruling majority and the opposition VMRO-DPMNE party about the fate of this highly politicized institution are on-going.

We eagerly await you in NATO. Reforms, particularly with regard to the Special Prosecutor’s Office, are imperative and it is necessary to maintain the SPO independence within the Public Prosecutor’s Office, and to maintain its capacity, Reeker told Dimitrov.

The unconstitutional SPO was used to bring down the Nikola Gruevski Government, filing politically driven charges against him and his top associates.

Dimitrov is in Washington for the 70-th anniversary of NATO events and is meeting with US State Department officials.
Several months ago, WikiLeaks revealed that Macedonia’s current FM Nikola Dimitrov works as a CIA mole and reported directly to Reeker, himself a CIA operative.

Dimitrov is still Macedonia’s Foreign Minister.