Russia sends Su57 to Syria, major escalation coming?


Amid a very recent dispatch of reinforcements to Syria, the Russian Aerospace Forces have brought with them a number of its latest 5th generation stealth air superiority fighters – the Su-57.

According to photo evidence (shown above) at least two Su-57 stealth fighters arrived at the Russian Khmeimim Air Base.

Along with the 5th generation stealth aircraft came another 8 warplanes including four Su-35S multi-role air superiority fighters and four Su-25 ground attack aircraft.

The reason for the sudden boosting of Russian airpower in Syria following Putin’s withdrawal directive of December 2017 is official unknown (with even the most skeptical sources assuming that the Russian leadership would wait until after the elections before reinforcing its presence in Syria).

With the arrival of the Su-57s (and additional warplanes in general), it appears that Moscow is expecting major escalations in Syria during 2018 and – having been caught off-guard in the past – wants to be fully prepared for any drastic situation that may arise.