Russia to Sever Ties with the USA and several EU states


The withdrawal of Russian diplomats from the USA and certain EU countries was announced today by the Kremlin in light of the rapid deterioration of relations between the two camps.

The withdrawal will gradually lead to a reduction in the number of Russian diplomatic personnel working in the US embassy and consulate, while in a second phase, diplomatic relations will be severed and the Russian diplomatic mission will be locked down.

The same is expected to happen with other European and NATO countries as the new crisis lurking will be much worse.

According to the Russians, Washington’s continued hostile actions, arms procurement, acts of terrorism on the territory of the Russian Federation, the collection of intelligence by American reconnaissance aircraft on Russian installations in Crimea, and the destabilization plan of Russia revealed today, do not leave no other choice.

In more detail, the deputy foreign minister of the Russian Federation announced the upcoming downgrading of diplomatic relations with the US and European countries.

“The Russian Federation may lower the level of diplomatic relations with the United States of America,” Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov told the Izvestia newspaper.

As the Russian diplomat noted, decisions of this kind are made at the highest level. Especially if we are talking about such a world power as the United States.

“Is a move now possible that involves lowering the level of diplomatic relations? I can say that this is a matter of consideration and all this is being studied.

The EU must know that it is approaching step by step the point of no return with a complete break in diplomatic relations,”  the deputy foreign minister of the Russian Federation told Izvestia newspaper.

Ryabkov described the work of Russian embassies in Western countries as difficult and noted that this cannot be neglected, given the current international situation.

In his comments to Izvestia, Ryabkov stated that Russia has never itself initiated the downgrading of its relations with any country “despite the vicissitudes of the most difficult phase in our relations with the so-called collective West.”

“We believe that the work of embassies and ambassadors is particularly difficult in today’s conditions and should not be neglected,” he said. “We are not ruling out any options in the future. Everything will depend on how our opponents behave.”

At the same time, on the air of the Russia-1 TV channel, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov¬†promised that “the recent terrorist attack in Sevastopol will not go unanswered and the West should feel the dangers associated with such actions.”

Times: Plan to destabilize Russia by killing officials – Why was it leaked?

According to British media, NATO has prepared a plan to destabilize Russia.

Former Russian politicians and officials who fled to the West are preparing a plan to destabilize Russia and then overthrow the current government.

The so-called “opposition” plans to present its “developments” at the next NATO summit, asking for the alliance’s help, the Times newspaper reports.

“Former Russian politicians including MPs call on NATO to support assassination campaign (…) More than 60 exiled politicians… met in Warsaw this week to discuss a seven-point plan to topple the ‘Kremlin government'”  writes the publication.

The plan includes seven points, including the supply of weapons to Ukraine, the imposition of additional sanctions against Russia and, of course, support for actions to destabilize the situation in Russia, including the assassination of representatives of the Russian government, for a dynamic change of power.

As emphasized, this plan will be presented at the NATO summit, which will be held early next month in Washington.

Russian media comment that “because these ex-politicians are nothing and have no resources, NATO must help them implement their plans”.

A very serious development. It is questionable how such a serious issue that is a “cause of war” was leaked.

London talks about a plan for “partial disarmament” of Russia

NBC News, citing the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), reports that the thousands of restrictions imposed by the West on Russia have failed to disrupt arms production. In addition, the Russian Federation managed to increase the production of artillery ammunition, missiles, armored vehicles and other weapons several times.

“European security must rely in part on Russia’s disarmament, but the West cannot achieve this with sanctions. The undermining of Russia’s military-industrial production did not succeed,” American media write, citing information from RUSI.

According to NBC News, in 2021, Russia produced only 46 Kh-101/102 cruise missiles per year. By the end of last year, the Russian Federation had already managed to produce 460 of these missiles. A similar increase is noted in the production of ballistic missiles for the Iskander-M system.

Therefore, NATO must go to Plan B. What it will look like remains to be seen.