Russian Airstrike kills 100 Foreign and 20 American Mercenaries in Ukraine


US nationals were among the foreign fighters killed in high-precision Russian airstrikes on Ukrainian combat positions in Kharkov Region in northeastern Ukraine, the Russian Defense Ministry told a daily briefing on Saturday.

Ministry spokesman Lieutenant General Igor Konashenkov said Russian aircraft had struck “the positions of the nationalist unit Kraken and the units of foreign mercenaries” near the village of Andreyevka.

More than 100 militants were killed, including more than 20 American mercenaries,” Konashenkov stated. He added that the Russian forces hit other targets in eastern Ukraine and Donbass, destroying seven command centers and intercepting six drones.

The Ukrainian General Staff did not report any losses, but said on Saturday that the Russians had shelled several villages near Kharkov.

The Kraken volunteer unit was formed in February by veterans of the Azov Regiment, which is known for welcoming fighters with openly nationalist and Nazi views into its ranks.