Russian comedians: Zaev was the only one that not just called us back, but bothered us


When you think it cannot get worse for Zaev and by default for Macedonia, it somehow does.
Zaev is still big news across Europe, particularly in Russia and Macedonia where the Russian comic duo of Vovan and Lexus reveal more information of the months long conversation with Zaev.
– We contacted the prime minister’s office through a contact on the official website. We said that we are calling from Kiev, from President Poroshenko’s office and that we want to talk with the Macedonian Prime Minister about the economy, says Kuznetsov.

After the first conversation, Zaev, believing he was speaking to the former Ukrainian president, offered to continue chatting in the future through their private numbers on Whatsapp.

– The prime minister often sent us photos of his meetings with politicians, and even wrote that he met with members of the Ukrainian Parliament. Thinking that he was talking to Poroshenko, he called me on June 4, but I did not pick up because I was sleeping, says Kuznetsov.

Today, Zaev acknowledged that he did send private photos and information on private meetings to what he thought was “Poroshenko”. He added that there was no protocol that would prevent the communication.

– At the time, I believed that I had communication, as I received pictures of the Ukrainian military coup, from the so-called ” President Poroshenko, I’ve been sending pictures of Merkel to them. I am continuing with my direct communications with presidents and prime ministers, says Zaev.

Vovan and Lexus say the purpose of their jokes is not to entertain the public, but to research the games of politics.
“We are not Russian agents nor are we connected with any kind of secret services. However dozens of politicians that we have pranked have knee-jerk reaction and claim they are targeted by the Kremlin simply because the public gets to find out of the wrongdoings they have committed or their true character and knowledge is revealed” – says Kuznetsov.