Russian firefighting plane crashes in Turkey, killing 8


A Russian jet specially equipped to fight catastrophic wildfires has crashed into the side of a mountain in Turkey while assisting local teams, with officials in Moscow reporting that all eight people on board died in the wreck.

The Beriev Be-200 amphibious plane, which is capable of taking water from natural sources and releasing it over smoldering blazes, crashed in Turkey’s southern region of Marash on Saturday. According to Russia’s Ministry of Defense, the plane had five Russian servicemen and three Turkish officials on board.

Footage circulating online shows a plume of black smoke emitting from the crash site.

Another video shows the plane flying extremely low above the mountains, then disappearing from sight behind one of the peaks. Moments after, smoke starts to rise above it.

The plane crashed shortly after releasing water, another grainy video available online shows. The aircraft was apparently unable to gain sufficient altitude after dumping its load, and collided with a mountain.