Schizo Zaev: 70% support Prespa Agreement, we do our own research


Zoran Zaev is touring the Balkans and is stopping by in Saraevo for a victory lap after changing the country’s name.

In an interview for N1 TV Station in Saraevo, Zaev explained that 70% of the Macedonian population supported the Prespa Agreement.

We are doing our own research. Even when we ask “did you go out to vote in the referendum” and 67% say they did go out to vote, but the turnout was 37%. Is this a good solution, finally, 70%. What does this mean? It means that people follow their leaders. Because, the agreement is transparent. Everyone knows the details. The debate was continuous and everyone knows it’s fair and just” stated Zaev for N1 TV. Considering the sheer lunacy of Zaev’s statement above, we’re providing his original statement in Macedonian below:

Now, there is not much to be said about what Zaev stated above. Instead, we’ll only report that several psychologists in Skopje who wish to remain anonymous fearing repercussions from Vice Zaev’s thugs who have already used guns on ‘opponents’, have eloquently and repeatedly hinted “Zaev is not well“, with one daring to drop a bombshell that Zaev has very aggressive schizophrenia for which he is clearly not taking any medication. This is who is in charge of the Government and who is changing the country’s name.

Заев, чука-удара у грудима на српско-босанско-македонски!

Заев, чука-удара у грудима на српско-босанско-македонски!

Posted by on Wednesday, January 30, 2019