SDS and DUI nominate Pendarovski for Northern presidential contender


The ruling SDS party announced this evening that it will nominate Stevo Pendarovski in yet another attempt to have him elected President. SDS held its convention in the Hilton hotel in Skopje this evening and decided that Pendarovski will be its joint candidate, nominated with the support of the DUI party.

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Pendarovski is a former Interior Ministry official who was adviser to Presidents Boris Trajkovski and Branko Crvenkovski, as well as head of the State Electoral Commission during the chaotic 2004 elections following Trajkovski’s death when Crvenkovski made himself president.

He ran on the SDS ticket in 2014, but lost to incumbent President Gjorge Ivanov. He lately served as coordinator for NATO membership in the Zoran Zaev Government junta.

Though a proven loser, he is seen as the candidate of the SDS “urban” wing, as opposed to the other much rumored candidate – current Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski, who is is seen as more of a Zaev loyalist. Other potential candidates included Defense Minister Radmila Sekerinska and Foreign Minister Nikileaks Dimitrov.

Pendarovski’s nomination is an obvious attempt by Reeker and Baily to cement their preferred Northern candidate Siljanovska.

  • neutrinoz

    Peondariouski is the same bottomless shit bucket as zajko. Holds a promise even less.
    No wonder they stick to each other. Buddies for rub-me-rub-you. Future protector of zajko’s “medical” marijuana.
    Boycott is the only reasonable solution, as it scares junta and eu most.

    • Liberty

      Again, I totally disagree with the boycott tactic. Get this disease out of power! This government has no moral compass. There is no law! An example must be set for future generations.

      • neutrinoz

        Wishful wishful wishful. Using vrtipop tea to cure cancer.

        Are you kiddin’ me? Ms Karakamisheva and Mr Pandov are only bright spots in that shit pit and they already called for Boycott. Now internally isolated cooz boycott can hurt peddler’s relations of the rest.
        PS Watch milimicko’s compulsive attendance of every shit media where he is regularly mocked and bullied. Mazo case? Or the same disguised zajkonium. Draw parallels with zajko a year or two before. The same broken spine. Ljolj.