SDS and DUI reject earthquake aid to residents in Ohrid, Struga, Resen


VMRO-DPMNE member of Parliament Antonio Miloshoski expressed his disappointment that the ruling coalition representatives rejected the proposed budget amendments that would have provided earthquake recovery funding to Resen, Ohrid and Struga.

The area of south-west Macedonia, where the Miloshoski led list of candidates won the most votes, was struck by a series of earthquakes that caused some damage and panicked residents.

“We are disappointed, not so much in the DUI and Alliance of Albanians members of Parliament, but in the representatives from Ohrid Tomislav Tuntev and Zaklina Lazarevska, who did not accept this urgent amendment that would have provided two million EUR in earthquake damage restoration aid to the citizens of these three cities”, said Miloshoski, adding that more than 850 people reported damage to their homes and businesses, including schools, churches and mosques in the historic center of Ohrid.

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    Insane and heartless, I cannot believe this :((((