SDS official for MINA: Don’t trust a single word from Zaev/Tsipras and their media


High ranking SDS official sat down with myself and Pero Stamatovski to discuss the latest in the name negotiations between Macedonia and Greece.
In the words of the official, first thing he said the report from Serbia based Soros financed “Kurir” was complete rubbish. “You have to remember Kurir functions on pay per publish. That article was ordered from Skopje to make the Government look less treasonous. Macedonia has no red lines in these negotiations, Greece has already won” states the SDS official in a rather shockingly frank discussion.

For the SDS it’s not the problem changing the name, the only problem for Zaev and Athens, who now function in unison is how to get 80 votes in Parliament to change the Constitution. These are the “technical problems” Athens keeps mentioning. Not the new name. “Zaev and Tsipras work together, they work together how to overcome, how to change the Constitution, there are no two sides in these negotiations, Zaev and Tsipras are on the same side” says the official.

Although this is more frank than we expected, one could tell our guest was extremely fed up with what is happening as he kept downing coffees. But in the words of the official, whatever is happening is not going to go far. “How will Zaev get his 80 votes? He can’t, Athens knows this. There will be no entering NATO, no chance. Macedonia will enter NATO Not when we get invitation, but when Greek Parliament approves the new name! Good luck with that” says our guest, adding there would be no surprises if more illegal things are done to bypass Parliament and or Ivanov in the process.

According to the SDS official, now the entire Brussels propaganda machinery has been put into motion how to sell something terrible to the Macedonian public and spin it as positive. “The Ilinden Macedonia stupidity was a probe floated and approved by Brussels to see the reaction. There will be numerous such attempts coming in the next weeks. It’s not the names, it’s how to make this legal and binding through Parliament, as they already know all things so far have been illegal.

Meanwhile, it was announced just last night that Zaev is now heading to Germany to meet with Merkel, who has strongly pushed for the change of Macedonia’s name. There too the discussion will be how and what could be done to push a new name through Parliament and make it erga omnes.

  • I’m back

    Ah Mina report, you sounded so much different when gruevski was in power!
    Remember, a criminal who now is in jail.
    But what am I saying, that’s who Mina report supports.

    • Goran Stavreski

      Gruevski isn’t in jail, but should be for signing the Przino Agreement. How is the weather in Athens?

    • R_U_Jhoking

      Communism is over. Build a bridge and get over it, oh wait, you can’t from the corrupt junta .