SDSM brings 50 buses to Skopje for campaign in the capital


“Here is ham, cheese, come on, lets go we’re heading to Skopje” – this is how the northern idiots filled the buses and vans in Delcevo, Strumica, Prilep, Kumanovo… all of them on their way to Skopje in ‘support’ of the name change, of course.

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Clueless SDS activists: No, we’re not giving up on the name, we’re organized here to support Zaev…

Никој не знае за што е дојден во Скопје – сакаат Европска Македонија, ама името не го даваат!

Името не го даваат, ама дошле да го поддржат Заев. Ги организирале од штаб…

Posted by on Sunday, September 16, 2018

By latest count, over 50 buses and vans were spotted parked at various streets around the capital, all hailing from different Macedonian cities. Noticeable is the presence of DUI activists as well. SDSM were in absolute panic after nearly 1 million Skopje residents refused to participate in their “For” campaign.

Update: 96 buses were brought in from other cities, yet somehow there were only 9-10,000 people in Skopje to support the name change. Apparently, Zaev is very unhappy with Kiracovski, Bajdevski, Kaevski and MoI’s Spasovski whose job was to organize the transport and recruit 30,000 people! Namely, 200 buses were paid for, however, a total of 100 arrived half empty, resulting in roughly 9-10k attendance, well short of the planned numbers and Zaev blames the above mentioned northerners for the fiasco.

Заев зошто ги малтретираш луѓето по сонцево, кога планираш да бегаш од референдум? Вака ли во ЕУ ќе одиме?

Posted by Aleksandar Pandov on Sunday, September 16, 2018

  • Alexander

    Poor country but these people on the clip make some disturbing comments, when asked what are you here for? To support Zaev, for a European Macedonia and NATO, but when asked – and changing the countries name? Oh no, not that. So these people have been bought and brought in to show support yet are unaware of their leaders intentions? Surely they cant be this misinformed?

    • V.M.

      But they are misinformed that’s the crazy thing… Zaev is on the record stating “We can’t tell people what we’re doing because they’ll never vote for it”… I saw that video somewhere on Facebook, will look for it again.