SDSM & DUI with expertise to make Pfizer an unprofitable company


Macedonian state companies who for years posted obscene profits, under the leadership of DUI/SDSM managed to post losses.

ESM, the state owned company in charge of electricity that always posted over 100m euros in profit each year, under the DUI/SDSM management posted 16.8m euros loss. We won’t even get in how is that possible at a time when utilities prices have shot through the roof meaning their profits. This loss may be tied with hiring 700 incompetent people who don’t show up to work, but receive double the average salaries…

MEPSO, the state giant in charge of transmission of electricity across the country, they too under the guidance of DUI/SDSM are losing 5.8m euros. MEPSO Directors just few months ago purchased leather chairs worth 212,000 euros. You see where this is going…

M-NAV which is always, always profitable, the organization that controls Macedonia’s air traffic and makes money when any foreign plane crosses our sky or lands on an airport, they too somehow managed to post 5m euros loss.

If any of the companies listed below were run by monkeys, they would still be profitable.
It’s time to recognize DUI/SDSM ability to take any company and ensure it loses money. Pfizer, be aware…

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