SDSM run police in action: Make up something and detain them!


A parapolice group in the service of SDSM continued, committed brutal abuse, and in addition to the leadership and commanders of the Prilep police, it was attended by people closses to Minister Oliver Spasovski.

“Blacklist of vehicles for disposal”, “Make up an offense and detain them”, “Seek doctors clearance to drive”, “By night, the list of action plus vote applies to everyone”, are some of the messages that we will publish as part of the Zaev and Spasovski’s criminal group, MP Kovacki announced.

This group was run by high ranking police official Kire Kitanoski who is also close with Oliver Spasovski’s advisor Oliver Lukaroski. The entire police force in Prilep was put to function as an extenstion of the SDSM, stated Kovacki. The irony is, in Prilep SDSM lost in the first round.