SDSM’s Jagoda Sahpaska: Unemployment is higher due to Macedonians returning from overseas and applying for benefits


Minister for Social Justice Jagoda Sahpaska has figured out a way why Macedonia’s unemployment has increased, and it isn’t the SDSM’s cluelessness and idiotic measures who have shuttered countless businesses during the pandemic, nor is it the SDSM’s skillful ways to kick out the few remaining foreign businesses out of the country. No.

According to Sahpaska in an interview for CIA’s outlet Radio Free Europe, it’s the Macedonian diaspora who have returned to the country (apparently cashless), and run straight from the airport to the unemployment office to receive a whopping 100 euro/month in social benefits.

For the record, to get the 100 euros per month, you need to spend few hundred euros in gathering documents among which are the fact you’ve been unemployed for extended time, you do not own any property, vehicles, etc. The process itself can last up to six months.

Returning Macedonians…

Sahpaska in an attempt to distract from SDSM horrific economic policies have found their scapegoat in the nonexistent returning Macedonians.

During her interview, Shahpaska failed to provide any data on how many Macedonians from overseas have allegedly returned to the lawless landlocked nation of 1.7m, nor how many of them applied for social benefits.

There is however data that Macedonians from overseas send $1.5 billion annually to the home country, according to NBRM.