SEC admits Fraud: Over 80,000 votes given to “wrong political parties”


In their absurd effort to commit nation-wide fraud, the SEC now admits they are manually looking at counting ‘some’ polling places.

Kanal 5 reports SEC officials must immediately resign after turning the entire country upside down due to their fraudulent reporting of the results.

Видете ја ПЕРВЕРЗИЈАТА на изборната кражба… Имаш рок од 24 или 48 часа за приговор, ама не ти даваат увид во…

Posted by Димитар Апасиев on Thursday, July 16, 2020

MINAReport finds a US company with ties to the CIA “iVote Demokra” was given control of the website one week before the elections, on July 8th. This is a whole story in itself as to how could have this happened and why it happened!

This company “manages” the election systems in stellar nations such as Macedonia, Lebanon, Kyrgyzstan, Kosovo, Bosnia, Albania and some US where fraud is always present.


NEW ELECTIONS are demanded and the jailing of all SEC officials!