Sekerinska congratulates Ilinden with Romanian flag


UCK representative and SDSM official Radmila Sekerinska congratulated Macedonia’s holiday with bizarre message, using previously unseen colors to mark Macedonia’s biggest holiday.

Utilizing red, yellow and blue colors, Sekerinska congratulated the ‘day of the Republic’.

The colors used are actually the colors of the Romanian flag, the flag of Chad and German TV station RTL.

Sekerinska’s message may be seen by some as a gaffe, in reality it’s a simple continuation of the SDSM in negating and erasing everything and anything Macedonian since 1991. There is also a very good chance you could be looking at the new Macedonian flag.

Below, there is a video of Sekerinska and SDSM’s Sugarevski being ‘welcomed’ by protesters who booed them and called them traitors… One can hear “this is a place of heroes, not traitors”. Previously, the SDSM junta blocked Macedonians from making it to Meckin Kamen, many of who were making the Ilinden journey from Skopje on horses.

SD-Abschaltung: RTL bald kostenpflichtig? - AUDIO VIDEO FOTO BILD