Serbia has 22 times more FDI than Macedonia


At a time when the economy is at the bottom and citizens are getting more and more poor, the government is spending the budget on populist measures with little effect instead of development projects such as capital investment.

The criminal government of SDSM in the first 7 months of 2019 has realized miserable €24.5m in capital investments. The government is wasting citizens’ money on unproductive spending and pre-election corruption rather than on development. That SDSM cannot improve the economy is also confirmed by the fact that the number of foreign direct investments has never been lower.

In a situation where the countries in the region have record growth, Macedonia with SDSM has a staggering decline of 84.2% for the period of January – June compared to last year.

In the first two quarters of 2019, we have €48.7 million of foreign direct investment, while Serbia has 1.7 billion euros, Slovenia 561 million and Bulgaria 286 million. Serbia has €543 per capita, Slovenia €280, Bulgaria around €40, and the Republic of Macedonia at the bottom with a laughable €24 per capita.