Serbian FM in Athens says recognizing Macedonia was a mistake


Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic repeated his position that Serbia was wrong to recognize Macedonia under its constitutional name. During his visit to Athens, where he met his Greek counterpart Nikos Kotzias, Dacic said that Macedonia has always had a negative position toward the Serbian claim on Kosovo.

Macedonia recognized Kosovo’s independence and supported the push of the former Serbian province to join UNESCO, which angered many in Serbia. Dacic said that, therefore, it was not fair on Serbia’s part to recognize Macedonia as the Republic of Macedonia.

  • Its Just Me

    oh-o last time I heard this was 1913. This smells of a new Balkan War. The “good” part is, finally Macedonia does not have a dispute with Greece. No. Now we have 3 neighbors that want something – Macedonia. Hmm and why do they not recognize Macedonia? Same as Greece, since they took a part of it, and do not allow for Macedonia to be called Macedonia, because they all have a part that is called Macedonia, in their borders. Oh-o Serbia and Bulgaria forgot to rename those parts internally “Macedonia” (Greece did in 1989, 2 years before we became independent). Serbia and Bulgaria you forgot to so this. Sure you do not regret this? Otherwise, you don’t really have a case with the name hahaha 🙂

    • jj

      The part of Macedonia which the Serbian army freed from the Ottomans is what is Macedonia today. The other parts were kept by Bulgaria and Greece.
      You also overlook that the Macedonian Serbs were ethnically cleansed in Macedonia, including some who were killed by the Bulgarian general in WWI who killed those who had a Slava.
      Then there was the Bulgarization of Macedonian Serbs supported by the Russians/Tsardom for “generation after generation”.
      The ethnic Serbian component was ethnically cleansed and genocided. Albanians were involved in attacking Macedonian Serbs too.
      The founder of the Serbian Chetnik movement was a Macedonian Serb, and his parents had lived elsewhere before his birth but had been pushed out by Albanians.

      • Its Just Me

        God rest their soul, of all the people that have died on the Balkans, regardless of ethnicity. This smells of war again like you said