Serbian media: If Macedonia falls, even the sheep know Serbia is next


If Macedonia and Greece reach a solution, it will dramatically increase the pressure on Serbia, states in today’s text of Belgrade based ‘Politika’. According to the newspaper, in such a case, Belgrade would immediately be hit by the Western powers who will seek an agreement with Kosovo that would see the lawless US protectorate recognized at the UN.

According to Dragomir Andjelkovic, who is quoted in “Politika”, those who support Kosovo Albanians and are their mentors are the very same people who are pressuring Macedonia to give up their name as soon as possible.

“If that agreement between Macedonia and Greece arrives, it will certainly not stabilize the situation in the Western Balkans, instead it will speed up the tightening of the noose around Serbia, but also around Republika Srpska. By resolving the name dispute, the Euro-Atlanticists would symbolically win the battle that would lead to the strengthening of the idea that Serbia should recognize Kosovo’s independence,” Andjelkovic pointed out.

And historian Aleksandar Rakovik, pointed out that by resolving our dispute with Greece, the concentration of the west will be solely on Serbia, since all other open issues on the Balkans are directly or indirectly linked to Belgrade.

“When the Macedonian question is resolved and the name is changed, those numerous western security structures that have participated and focused on Macedonia for the past five years, will shift all of their focus on us. Then the president of Serbia, Vucic will be exposed to great deal of pressure, “said Rakovic.

According to resolution 1244 at the UN, Kosovo is still a Serbian province and Belgrade can station up to 1,000 of its soldiers. However, the US maintains a large military base and essentially hand picks the Kosovo government, it no longer recognizes the validity of resolution 1244, and is pressuring Serbia to recognize the province as a country.
The fact that the CIA is using Kosovo as the HQ distribution center for all narcotics in Europe with no plans of giving up the lawless piece of land, does not bode well for Belgrade.

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