Shilegov’s bandits destroy Skopje Park minutes before Danela Arsovska is sworn in


Just when you thought you’ve seen it all…

Macedonia’s capital is getting a new mayor today, Danela Arsovska who was scheduled to receive her certificate from the SEC around Noon, which will officially mark the start of her journey as the new mayor.

However, before she was sworn in, about half an hour prior, bulldozers begun destroying one of the few remaining city parks in downtown Skopje. MINA finds, this was the work of former mayor Petre Shilegov who after losing his re-election bid signed a new contract to turn the city park into some sort of coffee-shop recreational spot. In an apparent move to prove his evilness Shilegov ordered the work to start not weeks prior, but precisely on November 8th, at 9am. This created confusion among city officials and inspectors, as many for instance were led to believe this is a project that Arsovska is starting on the same day she takes office.

Absolute evil move by Shilegov!

SDSM criminal mayors who lost their jobs are apparently doing this in unison, they are starting “projects”, destroying streets and parks on the very day when the new mayors are being sworn in.

Another example is with Karposh mayor Stevce Jakimovski who had to go personally and stop a contractor from destroying a street. The contractor had no license to work on the street to begin with!