Shotgun fired at new sign, “North” riddled with bullets


It’s not just paint spray, some citizens have taken up arms against the new sign in yet another wave of disapproval by Macedonians with the name change by the illegitimate Government.

  • neutrinoz

    Sign where “north” is perforated/erased shows lead massage in the massage. It is pretty shitty to arm shiptars for 20 years while we should play with pen, hula-hop and lolly-pop thanks to zia sdsy and their implants in dpney.
    Apropo. Brother of sisters ljube and ljubco emilija geleva now rants propaganda for non-boykott. That we should send some “massage”. Poor sellout. We already send it with Glorious #Boykotiram. They desperately need cannon/voting fodder.

    Compatriots!! World is watching. Македонија вечна.