Sh&t Show: Macedonian Rep at UN Sells State Apartment, pockets money


SDS pick to the UN, Ljubomir Frckovski has sold a state apartment in Manhattan for $4 million. Macedonia’s president, the never informed Stevo Pendarovski stated he wasn’t informed what happened in New York.

MFA, after 10 days of mocking by local media, decided to issue a statement that the $4m from the same could not be sent to the state budget for unknown reasons, but are kept supposedly at the Macedonia’s UN Mission in New York, under Frckovski’s control.

Frckovski, for his part has not issued a statement, but was seen spending lavishly around Manhattan. Just another day in the life of Macedonian diplomacy.

The apartment itself was in the past used by Tito, is in one of the best locations in Manhattan and should have fetched much higher price than the reported $4m.