Soros-backed Minister of Education Mila Carovska to remove “History” from School Curriculum


The announcement that the Education Ministry is preparing to abolish history as a stand-along class that will be taught in elementary school caused outrage in the public. The announcement was wrestled out of Education Minister Mila Carovska today, at a time when Macedonia is strongly pressured to give up most of its history in favor of neighboring countries like Greece and Bulgaria.

After details of the plan were leaked in the public, Carovska, a far left activist who’s been on Soros backed NGO’s payroll for over 15 years and called for Macedonia to renounce much of its history, acknowledged the plan.

Our new concept will mean less individual classes, rolling several classes into one, and more interactive teaching, Carovska said.

Professor Simona Gruevska – Madzoska from the Institute of Macedonian Language revealed the plan to the public. She said that history will be rolled into a broad class called “societal studies”, which will include elements of geography, civics and other classes as well.

This is a plan to quickly do away with the Macedonian national history. This is their reform in the education systeman experiment to cancel history, Gruevska said.

No history, no territory. No territory, no country.