Soros predicts breakup of EU, just in case blames Russia for it


Soros was a victim all along. Who would have thought?

In a recent interview with the Financial Times, George Soros, the Open Society Foundation ”Philanthropist” and ”Democracy-spreader”, shockingly predicted the downfall of the EU and Russia’s active attempts to wield the Excalibur of nationalism in its quest to become a ”resurgent nationalist power”. Two days ago, Anatoly Karlin reminded the financier that Russia did not go bankrupt as he predicted in 2016 but has instead turned the tide with various econometrics suggesting increases in several different areas. Now that this prediction can be crossed off the list, most would assume that sliding into a corner hidden from the round of criticism would be the next recommended action. Not for Mr. Soros as he comes with yet another enlightening forecast.

Will his next ”prediction” carry any weight?

This time, he foresees the EU institution to collapse as the nationalist waves, driven by Putin, have lessened the effects of his own liberal, democratic NGO’s once acting as a symbol of the ”spread of democracy in Europe”.

His predictions have similarly seen a complete U-turn regarding Russia as a player on the geopolitical chess board as Putin’s ”grudge” against him has been able to fuel the fire in its reversal as a ”declining state”. This apparent retraction of his initial statement, however, does not seem to indicate whether he continues to believe that Putin carries greater danger than the almost-eradicated Daesh as his opinion article in The Guardian suggested in 2016.

Victim of Vilification or Victim of Psychopathy?

Sam Gerrans brings to light this erratic behaviour in relation to exhibiting ”textbook psychopathy” as he noticed the continually shifting statements pointing the finger at others for suffering from his own actions and attacking the victim in cases where only his actions could have had any type of effect.

But Soros is adamant that the source of vilification leads to Putin because of his once different position on a preferred candidate for Georgia – Mikheil Saakashvili. After all, it was Putin’s fault for the accusations thrown at him from three subsequent European populations suffering from toppled governments (that is even before the Russia-gate wave clouding opinion in the West) – Georgia, Ukraine and Macedonia.

Reasons why government positions on the matter differ should come as a surprise to no one; the installed governments are preferred Soros stooges and all blame Russia for the hysteria rampant in those countries. Soros links are easy to identify, just look for symptoms of tie-eating and other presidential behaviours, as well as new ”Foundations” opening in the name of democracy-spreading and Russian deterrence.

However, Putin isn’t the only bully that wants to bring down his Open Society of liberalism and democracy that he compelled Western society to defend but as his compatriot, Viktor Orb├ín, continues to investigate the Soros Empire, it’s only a question of time before he sees the entirety of the European family bearing the blame for the dark times ahead because Soros knows no wrong. Soros bears ”European values” on his shoulders.

This week saw several articles showing sympathy for Soros and it’s interesting that they fall into the same line of thought – Soros is a victim and, au contraire, a heroic fighter against populism. Any critique or debate about this heavily-affiliated character becomes part of a ”Global Sickness”. As one commenter wrote: if you’re ready to enter the political arena, expect to take the criticism that comes with it. If you, yourself, throw accusatory remarks debating the degree of ”danger” of a foreign leader – expect the same in return and polar remarks against you should not be considered ”conspiratorial”.

At the end of the day, Soros is a victim. George Soros is a victim of his own creation – Chaos.