Spanish Professor: Prespa Agreement, worst document I’ve ever seen, contrary to International Law


In all my years of studying and teaching law, I’ve never come across such travesty, this document called the “Prespa Agreement”. First, it is treason to the most basic standards in international law, and second, it’s packed with nonsense, empty promises with zero guarantees – says famed Spanish law professor Carlos Flores Juberias.

It appears Mr Juberias was not briefed this “agreement” was not worked out between Macedonia and Greece, instead was put together by the Nazis at the US State Department who apart from not mentioning Macedonia in the document (thus nullifying the ‘agreement’), inserted clauses to ensure the document bypasses the UN and the UN Security Council who would clearly block this nonsense. They know it’s illegal.

Professor Juberias is stunned by the document itself. First, he says, how can one country (Macedonia), give the right to another (Greece) to be involved in Macedonia’s internal affairs, thus allowing Athens to decide what it wants to do with the name of the country, the people’s identity, even the language, something that no country on Earth can ever allow – someone from outside to be changing people’s names, language and identity!
If this isn’t terrible enough, and it really is, continues Mr Juberias – Greece has a clear advantage of being a member of an economic and military unions that Macedonia wishes to join. 

Second, these ludicrous demands are asked of Macedonia, yet nothing, absolutely nothing is being requested of Greece where a vague unexplained promise is made for negotiations with EU or NATO, negotiations that may go somewhere or go absolutely nowhere, negotiations that can take decades!? And the best part is, Greece has nothing to do with these negotiations. – says prof. Juberias.

Considering the facts stated above, continued prof Juberias – is it really a surprise that Macedonians with overwhelming majority boycotted this insanity called “Prespa Agreement” – it is completely illegal under international law. Is it surprising that Macedonians listened to their president and not their prime minister and did not vote in a Referendum that had easily the most illegal and confusing question(s) recorded in all of world’s Referendums throughout history.

Everything in Macedonia thus far has been illegal. The Prespa Agreement, the Referendum, the questions in the Referendum, the only legal aspect of it was the boycott – concluded professor Juberias.

Editor Note: Greece had 60 legal experts review the document, not for legality, to ensure not a trace is left of Macedonia’s culture, identity, language and its very foundations. Macedonia had Zaev, an intellect rivaled only by garden tools. Sekerinska was given the duty by Jess Baily to lie to the public what the document allegedly entailed. Macedonians never heard the propaganda, everyone immediately changes the channel when Sekerinska appears on TV. The opposition, the president, legal experts… nobody ever saw or was consulted about the document. Only later, after it was signed, legal experts who got to see the document explained that even nations who lost major wars wouldn’t dare sign such insanity. Zaev & Dimitrov did.

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