Spasovski: You want 500 euros salary? But look how dirty this car is!


If you’d like to see how someone with a negative iq runs a country, this is it – welcome to Macedonia.

The Minister of Interior, a 40 i pol year old child named Oliver Spasovski today called for a press conference, an urgent one at that.

As the journalists showed up, Spasovski unveiled a dirty Mercedes Benz! Yes, take that people who showed up thinking something important was going on!

The Mercedes Benz itself belongs to the Ministry of Interior, cost 650,000 euros, is bullet proof and has been utilized to transport foreign dignitaries along the likes of Erdogan, Ban Ki Moon, Tusk etc. Every country has in their possession these types of vehicles.

Part of SDS’ comical propaganda was to turn people’s attention away from their promises for a 500 euros average salary and an extended maternity leave, both of which are now not in play. The SDS believed the best way to do this is by showing a dirty car!

And now for the comical part. The SDS has been in charge of the Ministry of Interior since March of 2016, after the Przino Agreement was signed! So they have kept this amazing car unwashed for a year for this bizarre cheap political stunt? Or is it something they themselves have done in the past few days?

What’s next for Spasovski, roll up an office chair that needs fixing?

Update: Infomax reports the vehicle was purposely damaged (scratched and muddied) under orders from Zaev and Shekerinska for a better PR effect.

Here is what the vehicle looked like less than a month ago when EU’s Johannes Hahn arrived in Macedonia.