SPO pays well for signatories of fabricated statements on anything related to VMRO


MINA had reported on dozens of occasions of SPO attempts to first bribe and then blackmail witnesses in testifying against the leadership of VMRO-DPMNE, even if those testimonies are fabricated, in most cases written by the SPO itself.

Individuals who agreed to sign these fabricated testimonies were handsomely rewarded (with taxpayers money) and as such were categorized as ‘protected witnesses’ by the SPO.

One such individual is Aleksandar Mihajlovski, who we must admit haven’t heard of, and became known only in the past week after giving an interview for a SDS portal in which he expressed desire to “reform VMRO-DPMNE”?

This is precisely what MINA warned VMRO-DPMNE about nearly five years ago, that their party was infiltrated by SDS operatives. Mihajlovski is one such person.

Two others have signed on these fabricated statements, Ilija Iliovski and Petar Bogojevski. Both have nothing to do with the party or the VMRO-DPMNE leadership.

Infomax reports there are more people getting in touch with Janeva and would sign any sort of statement in exchange for cash and becoming a “protected witness”.

What makes the entire process quite laughable is that the SPO has zero evidence, and relies on street talk and rumors that they paid for as “evidence” in order to press charges.