Update: Theresa May arrives in Skopje on May 18th as Zaev-Tsipras meet


On May 18, right after the meeting between Zaev-Tsipras wraps up in Sofia, British Prime Minister Teresa May will visit Skopje.

This is the first visit of such a high-ranking UK statesman to Macedonia after a long time.

Needless to say, the timing of the visit is quite interesting.

Update: What we have reported over four months ago that the negotiations between Macedonia and Greece are actually sham and for show, Skopje based Kanal5 confirmed just that this evening, stating the new name has been agreed for a while, and it’s Upper Macedonia. The Greek side alluded to this for a while as well.

Kanal5 adds that the country will enter NATO once it changes the constitution, which is quite unlikely at this time. Per the agreement, Macedonia will have two years to change its constitution, however the new name will take immediate effect at the UN. In other words, anything and everything Athens asked for, they received.

But any of this is a long ways to go. First off, despite the SDS continually breaking all laws in the country, they still need 2/3rd majority for this treasonous act to go through. And they do not have 2/3rds, it’s highly possible that they do not have even the support of simple majority in Parliament. In addition, President Ivanov will never sign such treasonous act. For any of this to work, both Ivanov and DPNE’s Mickoski must sign on the dotted line.

Dimitrov and Zaev (should there ever be a legitimate Government in place) and their treasonous junta will receive life sentences, despite the reassurances they’re getting from London, Berlin and the US shadow government who started all of this.

UK’s Theresa May’s arrival in Macedonia is to give Zaev boost and not appear as the traitor he is. Considering Zaev was recruited and is a British intel asset since 2012, May’s visit makes even more sense.

  • Tony

    She is coming to congratulate and support the Albanian terrorists

  • Wolf

    Really. How much did the Greeks pay her.???

  • Its Just Me

    Changed this, changed that… Finally Zaev changes himself and leaves.. Cant wait for that.

    I like that Theresa May is coming.. after all when London is out of EU, SKOPJE HAS BETTER CHANCES OF REPLACING LONDON AS FINANCIAL CENTER 🙂
    UK will be a third country, and we are ABOVE THEM, since we are a CANDIDATE 🙂

    Heads up, lets see how they will request visas to enter MACEDONIA 🙂

    • jj

      Britain STILL hasn’t actually left the EU. It remains to be seem if they actually can do it. The EU is a trap.

      • Its Just Me

        sure they will do it hahaha no way back.. they may reapply though.. and become a candidate.. then a member 🙂

        • jj

          Well Britain is a net provider of funds to the EU – it pays a lot of money into it. Meanwhile, Macedonia will be a recipient. I think Britain is wise to get out so it can have more independence from the dictates of the EU. I guess Macedonia would rather sell its soul for EU money with lots of strings attached.

          • Its Just Me

            There is a reason why UK people voted to leave and I respect it 🙂
            We have not voted to enter EU, nor to leave it.