Tax evasion charges leveled against Game show host


The financial police sent a statement to the media informing that criminal charges were filed against Lila Stojanovska for tax evasion.

The Financial Police Office filed criminal charges against Filipovska for suspected tax evasion, who, as a natural person in the period from 21.06.2017 to 07.07.2017, on three occasions received cash on her personal bank account in the total amount of 16.095.600 denars, on the basis of a signed Contract for preparation of the “Project for International Association for the Protection of Human Rights” with the Dan Mak construction company.

Stojanovska withdrew the money from her bank account in full, without reporting it with the Public Revenue Office, and without paying Personal Income Tax in the amount of 1,788,398 denars, thus damaging the budget of the Republic of Macedonia for the same amount, according to the information of the Financial Police Office.

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