The gift of Gruevski that keeps on giving: Ex DPNE Minister sides with Zaev


DPNE traitors continue their tradition to switch their allegiances through interviews with German based Deutsche Welle.

Next in line was former DPNE Minister of Education Spiro Ristovski who believes DPNE need to side with Zaev’s junta, for the good of the country.

– It is obvious that we are in a sensitive moment and it is not surprising that a second group of MPs is ready to engage in the processes of national reconciliation and the Constitutional changes. No one better than the deputies of VMRO-DPMNE. In that direction I encourage those MPs and others who think in this way to actively engage in the processes taking place in the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia, and remain in Parliament.” Ristovski told Deutsche Welle.

Ristovski says that all MPs from the Parliament should be included in the new social phenomena and needs, and apart from the legislature, that process should be transmitted in all social spheres.

It’s the gift of Gruevski that keeps on giving. It’s become difficult to find a former DPNE minister recruited by Gruevski that hasn’t sided with Zaev.