The reason why Macedonian University Diplomas are not recognized in the US


Standout DUI member Jeton Saqiri, today’s Minister of Information Sciences, became a University professor of economic sciences by the time he was 21. No information whether he actually managed to graduate from one of those fake universities in Tetovo or how he got his undergrad diploma which still wouldn’t qualify him for a professor.

In sane societies and countries, individuals with PhDs become University professors, usually obtained by the ages of 26 – 28 if you’re particularly gifted and lucky. Should be noted Saqiri became a ‘professor’ at the “International Univeristy” in Struga. No comment is necessary here.

Since 2010 onward, Macedonian students have been horrified that in the USA 39 out of 50 states no longer recognize (Ss Cyril and Methodius) University diplomas, and you can see why…

Did we mention the now ex Minister of Education Arber Adermi? Another DUI standout who had a fake diploma (Macedonia’s Education inspectorate confirmed he lied on his CV and doesn’t have an undergraduate degree). Ademi could have gotten one in Tetovo, they dish out diplomas like peanuts over there.