The Zoker: Yes the party will decide, but I’ll be the candidate for PM


Zoran Zaev insists that he will lead the SDSM campaign in the early elections planned for April 12th 2020 and that he will run for a new mandate as Prime MInister. Zaev is set to resign on January 3rd, under the 100 days rule.

I will lead the campaign, and I will be the candidate for Prime Minister. Of course, pending the decision of the party. But I will be the candidate. I’m happy to dedicate myself to the party starting January 3rd. I will seek a new full mandate and it will be up to the citizens, Zaev said.

Earlier, his chief lieutenants, Radmila Sekerinska and Oliver Spasovski, avoided the issue of who will be the interim Prime Minister between January and April. Under the rules, their SDSM party needs to nominate the interim PM.