Trudeau Ends Domestic Fly Ban for ‘Unvaccinated’ Canadians


Justin Trudeau’s government in Ottawa is set to announce on Tuesday an end to the COVID-19 vaccine mandates for air travel and trains, ending almost a year since they were put into effect on Oct. 30, 2021.

The move to get rid of the vaccine requirement may not be permanent, however, as a new variant of the virus may prompt a reinstatement of the mandate, according to sources who spoke to CBC.

One might ask why Trudeau is only now ending what is effectively a “no-fly list” for the unvaccinated.

“In February, the trucker convoy broke the false consciousness that an endless lockdown was accepted by all Canadians. The political parties, the media, the courts & businesses had perpetrated that falsehood,” wrote Rebel News founder Ezra Levant. “That didn’t dissuade Trudeau — in fact, it made him more vengeful. But it showed Canadians they weren’t alone if they disagreed with Trudeau’s civil liberties bonfire. And the truckers removed Erin O’Toole, Trudeau’s Conservative lockdown collaborator.”

“But still, Trudeau persisted,” Levant added. “As every other country abandoned lockdowns, Canada went rogue. And why not? Jagmeet Singh gave Trudeau an effective majority; and 99% of journalists were on the take with his bail-out. No judge stopped him. Really, why would Trudeau relent?”

“WestJet’s new CEO — a foreigner unfamiliar with the submissive obedience of our corporate class — called for the end of mandates. His cowardly counterpart at Air Canada knew better than to challenge Trudeau. Every CEO was silent. And if they weren’t, who cares? Not Trudeau.”

“But just as the truckers were an unexpected saviour, so was an American hockey player turned journalist, Ryan Whitney. He was trapped in Toronto’s airport for a full day, and made a viral video about it — more than 2 million views,” said Levant, linking to a viral video by Whitney, who complains at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport.