Tsipras distributes video to the public: We did it, we changed their name


Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras prepared a video in which he details all the diplomatic wins Greece took from the Prespa Agreement, declaring that with it Macedonia gave up all of its gains in the hard fought name dispute.

Some 140 countries recognized Skopje under their constitutional name – the Republic of Macedonia. Now our neighbors are reversing this and will call them Republic of North Macedonia. Use of the term “Macedonia” without adjectives remains solely the privy of Greece. This accomplishes our quarter of a century long goal – that they use a name with a geographic qualifier erga omnes – for all purposes. Our neighbors are now excluding their identity, and admit that their language is Slavic and that their civilization has no connections to the ancient history, the gloating video reports.

In the video, it is also stated that Macedonians gave up on their national identity. The Agreement gives Macedonian citizens to refer to their nationality as “Macedonian/citizen of the Republic of North Macedonia” but in the video, and in a diplomatic note from the Macedonian Foreign Affairs Ministry, it is declared that the word “nationality” refers only to citizenship, and not to the ethnic background.