UCK idiot Shkodrane Dardishta threatens war if DUI is unseat from Government


Former UCK terrorist Shkodrane Dardishta and current Director of Skopje’s Clinic and executive director in Macedonian Telekom receiving thousands of euros in salary, has threatened war if her political party DUI is unseated from Government. In a FB post, Shkodrane says she still has her war boots in the attic and she is ready to put them on if DUI is removed from power (and Shkodrane loses her multiple salaries…).

To say that DUI is panicking would be an understatement. DUI has been in Government for 18 years, and has made over 2 billion euros in Government contracts.

In the current format, DUI is set to lose:

6 ministerial and 106 director positions. Ahmeti’s party members have 206 positions on boards and commissions, 306 tenders per year, 1,006 contract jobs.

Ali Ahmeti, Artan Grubi, Talat Xhaferi, Fatmir Besimi, Ejup Rustemi… have been in power for more than 18 years and many consider them the actual Macedonian government.

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