Ukraine intercepted 100% of Russian rockets, but Kiev lost huge stockpile of Patriot missiles


“The Ukrainians lost extremely expensive weapons supplied by NATO” – This was reported by the Polish edition of Myśl Polska.

According to the publication, during a massive Russian air and missile attack on military facilities in Ukraine, Kh-47M Kinzhal missiles destroyed at least two US NASAMS missile sites near Kiev and a large warehouse of Patriot missiles.

The article notes that the Russian army managed to do this despite the massive concentration of the AFU’s air defence assets and leading NATO technologies.

“The Ukrainian side lost extremely expensive weapons supplied by NATO countries and elements of the industrial infrastructure,” the author of the material said.

He added that the air defence umbrella provided by the West was designed to protect secret factories and locations with more valuable samples of weapons and equipment.
And that umbrella isn’t working very well… Kiev’s claim of intercepting all Russian rockets while the city is on fire is certainly entertaining. But then again, if you can trust someone, it’s this guy….