University Prof: New prosecutors don’t know what prosecution means


Ss Cyril and Methodius University professor Ljubomir Cuculovski was a guest at this evening nightly news on Alpha TV where he discussed the bizarro world Macedonia finds itself in thanks to the illegitimate quisling Government and their unqualified minions who have been inserted into every branch of Government.

Discussing the new state prosecution team, Cuculovski stated in over 25 years spent teaching Law at the University, he not once could imagine that Macedonia would have a public prosecutor who would lobby release of terrorists, even though by law, their job is to prosecute and nothing else.

“I am confused. The state prosecutor has only one job. To prosecute. The job of an attorney is to protect/defend their client, even if both parties know their client is guilty or innocent. The final outcome is irrelevant here, that’s up to the Judge/jury. I don’t understand how are Macedonian public prosecutors now stopping investigations, removing evidence and attempting to free individuals, in essence assist the attorneys and the defendants themselves!?” exclaimed Cuculovski.

“Their job is to prosecute, I don’t understand what is going on, the entire system has been subverted. The prosecution is now on the same team as the defendant. Then who is going to be the prosecutor?” asks Cuculovski.

This comes as public prosecutor Liljana Spasovska, a recipient of various gifts and vacation trips from the US Embassy, asked the High Court to free four Kosovo terrorists who executed 5 teens at Smilkovo Lake during Easter four years ago. This was widely seen as an attempt by the US to destabilize the country and create an inter-ethnic conflict.