Update on our campaign funding


First of all, a huge thank you to everyone who donated for our Macedonian patriots. Also thank you to MINA’s founder who kept his pledge.

This update may sound a bit strange, and there is a very good reason for it, so we’ll keep it as short as we can.
Going in, we realized this wasn’t going to be an easy mission, but it got more difficult than anticipated…
During the pledge, we got in touch with numerous people, at various levels, including people in the know, to track down the people we needed to track down (as more are being locked up).

Not a single person wanted to talk, due to what we perceived to be bizarre levels of fear… Welcome to a US sponsored democracy.
Since no headway emerged, we took it upon ourselves to track people down by scouring neighborhoods, asking questions… Not a good idea on our part, and this is an understatement… lets say there were some roadblocks along the way.

To conclude, we’ve identified the right channels, and have made the right contacts, everything is taken care of.
Thanks all again.